Cookie cutter strategy just doesn’t work. It looks pretty on paper, but it stays shrink-wrapped on the shelf. Why? Because the people who are expected to carry out change must buy into it before anything happens.

Since 1989, SUMA Partners has evolved a process for bringing everyone to the table and synthesizing relevant information. High-impact results come from short-term projects (offsite strategy retreats) as well as multi-year projects that encompass the entire process and track results.

What Makes SUMA’s Process Different?

> Clarity on what the opportunity is

> Reality check regarding process limitations or requirements

>  A sense of urgency, driven by competitive and/or economic pressures, or by the desire to achieve more ambitious results

> A clear game plan that everyone can follow

> Accountabilities to check progress and focus everyone on results

Whether for profit or for the good of the community, SUMA strategies stick.


“SUMA knows how to get everyone inside the tent to provide input. Even more important, they can integrate econometrics, trend data, and divergent opinions into a clear plan that resonates with everyone. Masterful team.”
Greater Houston Partnership

“It isn’t easy dealing with competing forces within a company. Which direction is best? How can we agree to disagree in some areas, but not be paralyzed by indecision? SUMA Partners’ five step methodology was flexible and responsive enough to get everyone from top leadership on down on board. It really turned us around.”
Birkman International

Successful Results Achieved with these Clients


AIG/American General
Birkman International
Busy Body, Inc.
Cingular Wireless
Ergos Technologies
Hewlett Packard
Old Ocean
Federal Credit Union
Recycle, Inc.
Saltgrass Steakhouse
SCI Management Corporation                            


City of Houston Department of Public Works
Collaborative for Children
Greater Houston Partnership
Houston Center
for Contemporary Craft
Houston Community College
Houston Downtown District
I Have a Dream
Susan G. Komen Foundation
St. Agnes
Spring Branch Independent
School District
Texas Children’s Hospital
Texas Education Agency
The Menil Collection




Greater Houston Partnership

Downtown District