How can you build a loyal customer base with business to business clients? Which elements do customers truly value? Where are they willing to pay a premium?

SUMA Partners combines data analysis and qualitative approaches that include one-on-one interviews and day-in-the-life analysis to arrive at a sustainable strategy for standing out among peers in a competitive business to business environment.

The results? Delivering based on the 80/20 rule—focusing on what matters most. Then aligning the executive, product development and sales teams to execute based on those priorities.


“The customer satisfaction project that SUMA led for us on a global basis became the gold standard for our company and resulted in focus and revenues.”
Royal Dutch Shell

“We were working harder than ever, but couldn’t arrive at a business model that would provide annuity sales. SUMA Partners led us to that result and we’re working smarter, not harder.”
ERGOS Technologies

Successful Results Achieved with these Clients

ABB Offshore Systems
AIG/American General
Air Liquide
Aries Freight
Bank of Scotland
Coastal Chemical
Continental Airlines
Cooper Industries
Energy BioSystems
Essex Woodlands Health Ventures
GC Capital
GX Technologies
General Instrument Corporation
Gulfstar Group
Hewlett Packard
Johnson & Johnson
Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.
Montgomery Watson Americas, Inc.
PG & E Energy Trading
RMD Corporate Finance
Renaissance Capital
Rice, Sangalis, Toole & Wilson
Royal Dutch Shell
SCI Management Corporation
Shell Oil Company
SYSCO Corporation
Vanguard Venture Partners
Varel International





Rules of the Road


Five-Step Process at a glance