National Hospitality Concept             

Challenge: How can a hotel chain drive loyalty in the face of new competition? Where is the sweet spot in a changing market?

SUMA Partners process: Documented the customer experience. Identified the customer touch points that were the deal makers and deal breakers.

Length of initial engagement: 6 months

Insights: The customer perceived hotel’s presence to start with the 800 number. It included the airport van. The special treatment for Elite Members was not hitting what mattered to the customers. The sweet spot was “convenience for business travelers.”

Results: Re-design of the 800 number process, the van experience, the check-in for Elite Members. The business travelers and meeting planners received a consistent message that matched the experience of “convenience”, with pre-programmed cell phones for use on-site, technology to make their stay effortless (e.g., concierge to take messages during the conference.)