How to get started working with SUMA Partners

Level One

Approximate Length of Engagement: 3-12 weeks

Snapshot of internal and external perspectives on opportunities for growth.

Methods: Five-Step SUMA Process: Assessment Tools (quantitative and qualitative)

Formal gap analysis
Qualitative mapping
Customized recommendations for developing high-yield initiatives

Level Two
Team Priority Sessions

Approximate Length of Engagement: 3-12 weeks

Description: Intense sessions designed to build consensus around top priorities. Recommended as offsite sessions that incorporate research findings and competitive alternatives

Methods: Five-Step SUMA Process: Whole brain market knowledge

Identification of sweet spot
Aligned strategy for achieving growth
Top level blueprint for action

Level Three
Custom Tailored Research

Approximate Length of Engagement: 12-16 weeks

Description: Secondary research analysis, electronic feedback, live interviews, focus groups, day in the life profiles, customer experience research

Methods: Five-Step SUMA Process: Outside-In Perspective (quantitative and qualitative)

Data synthesis
Qualitative / experiential excerpts
Competitive mapping
Positioning maps
Key performance indicators

Level Four
Strategic Process

Approximate Length of Engagement: 3 months – 12 months

Description: Defining and executing competitive positioning

Methods: Five-Step SUMA Process: Dynamic Positioning

Synthesis of data
Environmental scan
Stakeholder imperatives
Strategic game plan

Level Five

Approximate Length of Engagement: 6 months – 24 months

Description: Systematic implementation of competitive strategy

Methods: Five-Step SUMA Process: Implementation Tools

Metrics and milestones
Competitive dashboard
Cross-functional action plans
Results that are tied to strategic goals


For more information on how to get started call
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