The SUMA Partners whole-brain approach to market knowledge has a twist—uncovering opportunities for new sources of revenues. How? Through a time-tested process for finding leading indicators. It helps you answer the questions, “where is the market heading?” and “what are customers and stakeholders NOT telling us?” Then, the SUMA Five-Step Process focuses on where time and resources must be invested to get results.

Whether it’s finding out how to sell a new product or service to existing customers or deriving a new product or service to a new market, SUMA drives results.


“When you need to define your ‘sweet spot’ in a changing market, call Andrea Kates at SUMA Partners.”
XO Communications

“A small company needs to understand its place in the market or it can go out of business. We were driving hard, but couldn’t define our edge. SUMA provided the insight and the discipline to help us achieve new levels of growth.”
Aries Freight

Successful Results Achieved with these Clients

AIG/American General
Advanced UroScience
Aksys, Ltd.
Audi of
Birkman International
Brinker International (Eatzi’s)
Busy Body, Inc.
Cardima, Inc.
Cingular Wireless
Hyatt Regency Hotels
JP Morgan Chase
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
MetroNational Corporation
Old Ocean Financial Credit Union
Recycle, Inc.
Saltgrass Steakhouse
SBC Corporation
X0 Communications



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