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Proven, Five-Step Process

SUMA Expertise
> Business to Consumer
> Business to Business
> Healthcare Innovation
> Shareholder Engagement

Case Studies: SUMA Results

SUMA Value:

> Objective, new perspective on how you are seen in the marketplace.

>  Rigorous statistical analysis, but also looking beyond the numbers and asking the right questions.It's a whole-brain process.  

>  SUMA collective experience spans diverse industries, offering a wide range of expertise and the ability to identify ideas in one sector that can work in another.

>  Everyone is involved; all stakeholders get on the same page.

>  SUMA works right alongside your team to help implement the game plan, rather than just handing you a report.

>  SUMA follows time-tested, proven methods that reduce risk and increase accuracy.

>  SUMA delivers more than a report. We deliver results.


Andrea Kates 
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