Since 1989, SUMA Partners has helped organizations discern what their marketing knowledge means and identify how to move forward. We persistently focus on the customer, the market and competitive strategy.


We follow a unique and proven five-step process to capture the market and the customer experience.


Tools of the trade include quantitative research; i.e., competitive scorecards, market segmentation, qualitative research; i.e., focus groups, day-in-the-life profiles, value proposition analysis, and strategic meetings with internal and external stakeholders. Our focus is always on client growth: What will it take to move you to the next level?


Strategic marketing consultants work closely with your team to pinpoint new areas of opportunity, providing answers to questions you might not have thought to ask. We ask the right questions and find ways to use new information to achieve new sources of revenue, better competitive positioning, and higher levels of stakeholder engagement.


SUMA Partners provides tangible, useful results that can reveal what you don’t know you’re missing. We team with clients to develop solutions, not theories. And once we start, we’re committed to seeing a project through, whatever it takes. Others may give you a report. We give you a new perspective. We work with you to implement a plan that brings focus to your vision, helping you determine where you’ve been and where you’re going. When we’re done, you won’t just have data – you’ll have the whole picture.


And we can go as small or as large as you need – our clients range from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, from corporate to public and non-profit entities. Whatever your business, your market or your circumstances, SUMA can help you identify goals for the future, and carry out a plan for achieving them. And you'll have useful results that are sustainable over time.



The SUMA five-step process integrates numerical research with strategic analysis to point new directions for growth.